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Helpful instructional video on use of dual-flush toilets (with ZOMBIES)

Over the past year, Portland Public Schools has been switching out old toilets for new, water-conserving dual-flush models. This happened at our school sometime in the middle of the school year, and since I carry the torch as the local, gungho enviroFreak, I found this utterly exciting! As far as I heard (via my kids), there wasn't much fanfare about the new toilets. Just that they were now there. So anyway, we were talking at our Green Team meeting toward the end of the school year, and decided it would be a good idea to do a little educational campaign on the toilets, just to make sure everyone was clear on how to use them. I had read in the paper that Madison High School was making a video with the same purpose in mind, and here is their fantastically fun take on it:

Now, I don't think this would work for grade schoolers. Zombies may be a bit too freaky. Our school's plan is to post signs with a yellow arrow pointing up, and a brown arrow point down. Nuff said. But for middle and high schools, this should be all the information kids need to make sure they are conserving water with every flush. Bravo!


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