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Coolest use of trash: the OK Go This Too Shall Pass video

Most of you have probably seen this video already...I'm sure it was all over Facebook when it first came out. The band OK Go had 20 engineers construct an enormous, elaborate Rube Goldberg machine primarily out of used objects for their This Too Shall Pass video. I love this video, and the kids and I never tire of seeing it. In fact, we've just been geeking out over the bonus 'how we made it' clips. We learned that a lot of the materials were donated by the Trash for Teaching organization, a group that collects safe manufacturing waste for use in art and science projects in California schools. Love this!

OK, watch the video (safe for kids):

My kids are thinking about ways they can build their own machine with dominoes and train tracks and marbles. So not only does this video entertain, it inspires. 

Enjoy your long weekend, y'all. Happy 4th!



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