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Savoring summer

I'm starting to wonder where the time went. Here it is. The middle of summer. Or even later, depending on when your kids go back to school!

We've been busy with the normal summer activities. Picking berries at our favorite u-pick farms. Rummage sale-ing. Camping with friends. Swim lessons. Watching the neighbors' chickens. Walking, biking, and scootering around the 'hood.

It doesn't seem so long ago that the kids were in school, it was cold and rainy and I was fiercely anticipating the arrival of summer. Not just the fun summer happenings. But the new life budding out of trees, poking out of the ground, the colors and the good smells. Such as this beautiful dogwood bloom (and just WHY do they call it a dogwood? It doesn't look anything like a dog. In fact, it's quite pretty.)

Yet, amazingly, soon after the blossoms come, the leaves start to fade (note the bloom in the background)! It strikes me how fleeting the time is, and how it needs to be savored as best we can. We just spent a week with Heather's family, as they visited our great Northwest. It was wonderful for us to re-connect, yet sad to see them go. So we go back to contenting ourselves with all the good stuff of NW summers. Spending as much time as possible outdoors. I hope you all are doing the same.



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