Join the EnviroMom One Can A Month Challenge!

Have you ever looked in the trash cans scattered around your house? What’s in there? Paper towels and tissues? Food? Plastic packaging? There is a lot of stuff in our garbage cans that doesn’t really need to be there, and EnviroMom’s One Can A Month Challenge is going to help you reduce the amount of garbage your household generates down to one curbside can a month. Really!

I’ve done it, Renee’s done it and lots of other envirofamilies have done it. Starting July 1 we’re going to walk (virtually) through a typical house and talk about waste that is generated in each room. We’ll offer tips and strategies for eliminating waste through the (say it with me) REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE model. We’ll take it slow, and over the course of the month we’ll cover the whole house. You can do this. You and your family can whittle down your waste to one trash can a month, saving money and greening up the planet in the process.

[UPDATE: Many have asked ‘What size garbage can are we talking about?’ Just use the one you’re using now and see how far you can whittle it down.]

Have a child in disposable diapers? You probably won’t be to get down to one can a month right away. But that kid won’t be in diapers forever, so you can start NOW so that by the time junior is potty-trained you’ll be set.

Ready to take the challenge? To register, post a comment below and make sure to input your email address (it won’t show up online, but we’ll need it later). Everyone who registers by posting a comment will be entered to win a fabulous of package of eco-friendly goodies valued at $250.00! We’ll have a drawing at the end of July and will email the winner (which is why we need your email address).

BONUS! Are you a blogger? Grab EnviroMom’s One Can A Month Challenge banner and post it on your sidebar to be entered to win a second fabulous package of green products valued at $250.00 (it’s like doubling your chances! Woo hoo!). Send us an email to let us know you’ve uploaded the button on your site at enviromompdx [at] gmail [dot] com and you’ll be entered for the second drawing.

C’mon, EnviroMoms! Let’s get ready to reduce our garbage! Are you up for the challenge?